Supportive Education – Preparing for Adulthood

At Cambridge Regional College, we place great importance on providing education and support at all levels. We have a range of provision suitable for students with a variety of learning difficulties and/or disabilities, both at college and in the community. We also offer link provision to school-aged pupils and taster sessions to adults, both to introduce the college and help them make the right choice of programme.

Learning for Life

This full-time Preparing for Adulthood programme is designed for learners with severe-moderate special educational needs and disabilities who are moving from school towards independent living or employment. The programme will enable you to develop new skills that will help you work towards the outcomes on your Education, Health and Care Plan – your EHCP.

Progression Opportunities

You can progress to other courses within the college, such as supported internships. You may also be able to go into employment or voluntary work.


The Progression Programme is a bridge between school and further education and training for learners with moderate special education needs and disabilities. They will help you to develop your independence, communication and study skills and help you plan for your continued progression. You will have the opportunity to try different vocational areas which will assist you in making career and lifestyle choices as part of the outcomes on your EHCP.

Progression Opportunities

  • Further vocational or academic study
  • Supported Employment
  • Supported Internships

Supported Internships

This programme, based mainly in the workplace, will help you develop practical skills for work with the long-term aim of progressing to either paid employment, supported employment or voluntary work. It is for people who need extra support with their learning. You will spend one day a week at college for English & Maths and group tutorials. Most learners on this course will have a EHCP.

Progression Opportunities

You will be able to progress to further vocational or academic study, an Apprenticeship, Traineeship or employment.

Training in the Workplace

The college has training partnerships with a number of organisations to allow learners with the opportunity to continue their training in a supportive work place. These are available in various sectors, including hospitality and catering, horticulture and land-based, music technology (drama and performance), office work and administration, IT, caretaking, manufacturing and printing.

There are also opportunities to work in the college alongside staff, whilst being supported by a job coach.

Skills Matrix (Part-Time)

This programme offers students the opportunity to learn a practical skill whilst improving and maintaining basic skills.  Students can choose from the following areas of interest and can attend for one or two days a week.  There is a one-off college registration fee of £25 for the Skills Matrix Programme plus a fee for each subject chosen. For information, contact the Head of Foundation Learning programmes, Alison Jakes, on or 01223 418507.


Students may progress onto other college programmes, employment or community provision.


Claire Hawkes

Supportive Education
Claire started college on an Independent Living Skills programme where she became confident enough to travel independently and improved her social and communication skills. She carried out a successful work placement in the college’s Marketing Department as part of a Supported Internship and has now progressed to a full-time Level 1 programme at CRC.

“I loved working with everyone in the college Marketing Department during my work experience and I’m very proud of my award for Most Improved Employability Skills.”

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